The 33rd Tour of Brittany to the Veil began this week in the Bay of Morlaix, with a first step on a journey of 34 miles between Roscoff and l’aber Wrac’h. 600 sailors are involved in this race, a real institution. After sailing along the Coast of the Legends, the competitors draw edges to the three Abers with a destination of the Aber Wrac’h. It is around 15h that the first bow is a commitment under the sun in the channel of Aber Wrac’h. Was only five hours are required at the head of the fleet to traverse the thirty miles of the circuit.”Delta voiles” is thus the first yacht to cross the finish line, closely followed by “Round Fiber-Kunkel Palette-Axecom” and ” Warhorse 2 “.
The yacht “Cart III” (Frederic Bourreau) is required in the Crédit Agricole group, the “Round Fiber-Kunkel Palette-Axecom” in the group, Brittany, “Pilourson” in the group of the department and “Let’s Go III” in the group Super U. Involve yourself in the most exciting racing events for online betting via Canadian mobile apps. Explore all the options with the help of the OnlineCasinosCanadian guide, and join the winners.

If some of the participants displayed a clear ambition to achieve an athletic performance, for others, the Tourduf is on the opportunity to sail in the ponds from finistère. They are business leaders, students, mps employees, artisans and don’t spend a holiday like the others. And if the Tourduf seduces all generations and all origins, is that it is a great popular celebration where sailors
and earthlings all lovers of the sea. Mathilde Bres, skippeuse a boat competitor in the classification is a mixed-sign this year with its third Tourduf :
I enrolled for the Tourduf because for me, Brittany is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In addition it is a race of performance and usability. I am part of a crew that is a little atypical because we are only two people to sail regularly, me and my sister. The other crew members are americans, they are not in the habit of navigating in such conditions, they are more accustomed to water bodies or protectedrivers. We therefore have no athletic goals, but simply to take the fun on the water. If we arrive each evening to a good port, without breaking the boat, and in form we will have completed our mission !

Act 2 of the Tourduf has done the lion’s share in the basin of the river mouths, because after Landed, the third port visited is the Lampaul-Plouarzel. Of l’aber wrac’h to the Aber Ildut, the crews have pulled the edges under the sun. The 90 boats took to the sea at 10am in the sunshine and 10 knots of west – south-west. The sailboat-less fast embarked on a journey of 29 miles, while the other three categories are soaring in the intention of making a circuit of 33 miles.However, the wind molissant in the afternoon and the reversal of the tide prompted the race committee to achieve a reduction of routes to
the two intermediate categories.

The louvoyage was on the program to go back to the wind and borrow the chenal du Four, between the islands of Ouessant and Molène and the continent. The majority of the team prefers the option off in search of a wind more favourable. They continue their descent towards the brand south in front of the Conquet before you begin a climb to the Aber Ildut. Wind back, the head of the peloton, cutting the finish line under spinnaker at 16h09.
In the category of Agricultural Credit, Coolroof is needed on the stage of the day, Atrox for the classification Britain, Small tonner for the classification Department and the Finistère-Friendly for ranking Super-U.

Thomas and Sarah were the twenties and signed by this year’s first participation in the Tour du Finistère à la Voile. Sailors not yet hardened, they are registered with the firm intention of making their range : “I wanted to learn really, so I said that the ideal was to register a regatta. It is a good school. I chose the Tourduf
because I am from Roscoff, but in the end, I had not yet discovered the navigation areas of the Finistère. I was on leaveand am not asked questions, I answered an ad of a team that was looking for crew members. I suggested to my friend Thomas to accompany me in this adventure. “.
Tomorrow, the Tour du Finistère to the Sail leaving the river mouths, in the direction of Camaret-sur-mer in the Bay of Brest for the third stage.