We at the Finn gold cup website are pleased to announce the round-the world, single-handed, non-stop, and on giant multihulls (the famous Ultimate) will leave Brest on 29 December 2019. His name, Brest Oceans, has just been chosen by the organizing company, Brest Ultim Sailing, who also comes to choose a race director is experienced in the World Cup Sailing Race and recognized in the person of Jacques Caraës. We met with the director general of the Brest Ultim Sailing, Emmanuel Bachellerie.

Brest Ultim Sailing will set off from Brest on December 29, 2019, a round-the-world sailing solo, non-stop on giant multihulls class Ultim. The race is about to receive his baptismal name, which includes the name of Brest, city of departure and arrival. Interview with the director general of the Brest Ultim Sailing, Emmanuel Bachellerie.

The round-the-world sailing solo, non-stop, and on giant multihulls, which will start from Brest on December 29, 2019 finally has a name. What is it ?

The test will be called Brest Oceans. If we had to be scientifically rigorous, we would not have put ” s ” to the Oceans, because there is only one ocean – it is Man who has divided it into several labels… We wanted a short name, telling the story of the succession of stories that will meet the sailors involved. They will cross the North Atlantic, the South Atlantic, the Indian ocean, the Pacific, and then again the South Atlantic and then the North.”Oceans “, in addition to being short, to be pronounceable in English and in French, is both symbolic and representative of the immensity of the challenge sports and the part of the dream that is this race.

Emmanuel Bachellerie, director general of Brest Ultim Sailing. | D. R.

Why to register ” Brest ” in the name of the race ?

Brest, it was an imperative and a common will with the City and the Metropolitan area of Brest. It quickly became very clear to the shipowners shareholders of Brest Ultim Sailing as the city of departure and arrival, and needed to be in the name of the race.

It also puts an end to rumors claiming that the race could one day also ?

Honestly, it is bad noise from pontoon ! Look at all the great events of the offshore race : the Vendée Globe, the Route du Rhum, the Transat Jacques Vabre. All are associated with a city departure, respectively Sables-d’olonne, Saint-Malo and Le Havre. Imagine-t-on from that of these cities ? No.

So it is the same for the Brest Oceans ?

Exactly ! We want to put this ordeal in the long term. It is also for this reason that he was not to be mistaken in the choice of the name. The capital of the Brest Oceans will thicken edition edition and Brest will play a big role. Once again, to say that the race could one day from that of Brest, it is only the bad noises pontoon.

Brest has a habit of great athletic feats, as here upon the arrival of François Gabart after his world tour. | ARCHIVES OUEST-FRANCE

In addition to the name of the race you have chosen the clerk of the course : this will be Jacques Caraës. Why this choice ?

We had sent the records to the eight directors of racing authorized by the Fédération française de voile to run such a test, as well as the two organizers skills that are ASO and CBS Sports. We received three responses : those of Gilles Chiorri, Jacques Caraës and Christophe Gaumont. We chose Jacques Caraës because he has a true experience of the oceans that will go through the sailors involved in the event, in particular the southern seas.

The Finistérien Jacques Caraës will be the race director of the Brest Oceans, which will start on December 29, 2019. | ARCHIVES OUEST-FRANCE

That is to say ?

Jacques Caraës has already in particular ran two Jules Verne and a Volvo Ocean Race. And, from my side, I am extremely attached to the safety of mariners. With the Brest Oceans, we are going to send into hostile areas, on machines that are fast and sharp. For browsers, it is important that the race director knows what they are talking about if they encounter a problem in these conditions

What will be the role of Jacques Caraës ?

He is the guarantor of all of the sporting aspects of the race : the start, the arrival, the management of the course, with possible changes or areas to avoid. It is also the guarantor of the proper conduct of the test, the safety of sailors. It is also the point of contact to the ground of seafarers in the event of a technical incident, in addition to their teams. In fact, it is the lung of the test. It is not the one you see the most, but without it, it is complicated to make the race.

What are the next important steps in the organization of the Brest Oceans ?

We know our budget, of approximately 5 million euros, on public and private funds. Jacques Caraës will begin work on 1 September. On 8 December, at the salon Nautic, will present the notice of race, that is to say, everything that falls within the rules of the event : the day and the hour of departure, the type of vessel concerned, etc

Precisely, what are the ships involved ?

To participate in the Brest Oceans, it must meet two criteria : adhere to the class Ultim 32/23 and respond to its architectural features. For the moment, we have four boats : Macif ‘s François Gabart ; people’s Bank 9 d’Armel Le Cleach ; Sodebo Ultim 3, the future boat, Thomas Coville and Actual Ultim, the ex-Sodebo 4, which will be entrusted to Yves Le Blévec.

François Gabart on his arrival in Brest, after having smashed the record for the round the world single handed sailing. | ARCHIVES OUEST-FRANCE

And that is all ?

No. All in all, in the world, nine vessels are part of this class. There are two which have the same athletic potential as the first four mentioned, but who are not members of the class : Gitana 17 Sébastien Josse and Idec Sport, Francis Joyon. I think of Francis Joyon, a formidable marine, no doubt the more experienced on this type of course. After that, the decision is up to the shipowner and to the browser, obviously…

And other boats which might fit ?

They don’t have quite the same potential. It is a question of Use it again of Romain Pillard, Qingdao China of the late Guo Chan and Gemini 3, Roman Paszke, the only catamaran in the race. The start line is open to everyone and I hope that more of these five ships will join us. I hope that we will have between five and seven participants.

You have also conducted two recruitments of well-known personalities in the world of sailing ?

Yes… Manfred Ramspacher, who has been at the helm of the Transat Jacques Vabre in 2013 and 2015 and that also takes care of the circuit GC32, we joined in outside consultant to assist us in the mastery of work of the organization. And Tiphaine Champon, an employee of Brest Ultim Sailing, will be the coordinator of the event. She has a great experience alongside sailors like François Gabart, Michel Desjoyeaux and Roland Jourdain.

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